Monday, November 25, 2013

Moving In-laws - When you try to "Do it Yourself" with Help from Others

We started this waaay back in November 2012.

In-laws (remember they are in their 80's) had a vacation trailer in one part of the state & they requested, due to circumstances beyond their control, to move it to our place in the Country. We were thrilled they would be nearer & agreed.

Along with the trailer, there was a porch, a small BBQ shed & another storage shed for storage.

The first step was moving the actual trailer itself which they hired someone to do.

The electric company then ran the lines to a new junction box & an electrician connected the lines from the trailer to the box. Justin dug a 300' trench to our well & got the water connected.

Weather then set in, remember the driveway delays? Well, it caused this to be delayed as well. Fast forward until February 2013.....

The second step was moving the porch. Rather than taking the porch apart (our preference), FIL decided it would be easier to just cut it in half & move it that way ... not.

Lining the 1st 1/2 up to put on the trailer.

Justin is a whiz bang trailer backer upper.
Here's a pic w/the 1st 1/2 of the porch 'installed" using the drive through method.

The 2nd 1/2 was a bit more difficult to move for some reason. For one, it almost slipped off the trailer while in the 3 hour transit, due to an uncle not tying it down well & Justin not double checking. If it had fallen off Justin said he would have set fire to the sucker & called the fire department. Regardless, they got it moved & since we couldn't do a drive through my Dad used his tractor to lift it off the trailer & put in place. Thank goodness my Dad was available & my BIL was there to help as well.

Thank goodness for BILs. See FIL supervising?

Next was the buildings. Justin tried to move the small one but just didn't have the 'power' needed to get it on the trailer. So, we went back to the guy that had moved the trailer to begin with. He kept telling us "next weekend" then again "next weekend" & on & on. We just had to wait tight. In-laws could at least get in the house with water & electric.

So we put the crepe myrtles in & watched them bloom:

And, then waited & waited for the trailer mover guy to call again. In July they finally! got the the other buildings moved.

They then hired a local guy that was at least as slow as the trailer mover guy, to get the porches straight & to add screens to the porches. Finally in November 2013, they are settled ... only 1 year later!

This is just to our left of our Country House & we are so glad they are moved in to their new 'vacation' place.

Note: We were up there couple of weeks ago when In-laws were also up & heard the tiller going, it was around 5:00pm & getting dark. We had just gotten there Justin said "I'm not going over there to see what he's doing now". Turns out that FIL was trying to surface till the ruts that were there from the movers tires. That tiller can jerk you around like nobody's business, especially in clay soil.

He . never . quits (remember he's 84). Now I know where Justin gets it from.


  1. My mother moved a small park model travel trailer onto our property three years ago. I wished she had something bigger but it sure is nice not to worry about her in town. Her neighborhood was going down hill fast and she didn't think nothing about getting her shotgun and roaming outside all hours of the night. I was afraid someone would shoot her!

    1. I know. They are trying to prepare us for when one of them is gone. It sure is nice to have them nearby.

  2. Always fascinates me to see "homes" being moved in America. Not done here at all...

    Glad the in-laws are still so active - making a move can't be easy at their age.

    1. Dani, this is their little vacation house. It is actually quite cute & compact on the inside but with vaulted ceilings it doesn't feel cramped. It's also got lots of built in storage. They sure can't get around like they used to but they still keep going.

  3. Finally! I feel your pain, projects never seem to go as quickly or as planned. I'm glad you can check that one off your list! Now what's planned for next year?

    1. Izzy, yes it does feel good. Although that one wasn't really on our list, it just got added by proxy ... lol. There are 2 major ones planned for next year ... A garden shed & the beginning of a huge barn.

  4. jeesh! i just told Mamma Bear that we were moving into her new barn! scratch that - we are piling into our 30yr old camper van with the 3 cats, our preps and a whackload of books and moving into that shed!!!! i am sure that all of you are thrilled to have everything done, settled and in place. our matriarch in our community is in her mid-80's and you just can't stop her or slow her down - i pray to have her energy when i am her age. and yes - justin definitely got his vigour from his parents!!!!

    your friend,

    1. Yes, we are thrilled. Now we can move on to our scheduled projects.

      Come on down! Our Country House is only about 2 hours to Mama Bears, so maybe you could split your time between. I pray for the same energy when I am their age. However, we are going to have an after Thanksgiving rest period. Fire, adult drinks, chili by the fire, more adult drinks & NO projects planned. I bet we find something to spend our 'extra' time on though. That fence line needs to be cut back, more newspaper in the concrete blocks in the garden, etc. Oh, well we'll rest at 5 o'clock each night, by the fire.

  5. DFW,
    Oh..............WOW, they sure did move everything!!! You, your husband, your Dad, FIL, and BIL did a fabulous job. Can I hire ya'll????? LOL.........I'm so happy everyone is situated and things are okay.
    Your place looks beautiful, I love all the grass and tress. I know where I can move when we retire, lol

  6. Thank you my friend. Yes, they did almost everything themselves.